Easter: 5 Ideas to Make a Memorable Egg Hunt with Children |

Start by creating a small Easter card / invitation, on cardboard in the shape of an egg, a rabbit and a carrot – find the step by step here. Then, announce in this invitation the date and time of the Egg Hunt, preferably on Easter weekend.

Last but not least, decorate the eggs, with the help of the kids. Count on at least 10 eggs for each child. You can choose traditional boiled eggs, chocolate or plastic and decorate them in a thousand and one ways.

Each child must have a basket to collect their eggs, which can also be personalized.

Hiding the eggs is essential for the activity to run perfectly and, for this, you need some proposals for clues and curious and funny riddles. Look here.

Ideas to make Egg Hunt very creative

1. Colorful hunting: each child should look for eggs of a certain color.

2. Hunting with clues: cards with clues, Treasure Hunt style. On the first clue, the exact location must be given and from there, they will follow the puzzles and find the other clues. For children who cannot read, you can draw pictures.

3. Egg hunt with checklist: for example – you need two blue eggs, three more yellow and one with balls, until you finish your orders. Whoever finishes first wins.

4. Egg hunt by the letters: children can only search for eggs that have the letter of their name, in the correct order. An excellent idea for kids who are learning to write.

5. Egg hunt with a puzzle: spread pieces of a puzzle inside plastic eggs; to find the exact location of the eggs, children need to assemble and discover the puzzle. A real incentive to work as a team.

Choose the idea that best suits your children and have a great Easter. Take the opportunity to explain to the children why this date is celebrated in a party.

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