“I want a heart out there”

“I want a heart out there”
“I want a heart out there”
Could it be that, after the wall, something more appeared among the remnants in the BBB 21 house, Juliette and Rodolffo? Despite the public cheering for them, the two have already said that inside the house nothing will happenafter all, there is a game and they are fully exposed.

But, what about when the program ends? During Wednesday’s X-ray (31), Juliette and Caio observed the Dear meter, both realized that the countryman had his emojis balanced: half heart and half happy face. The lawyer went to play with Rodolffo.

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“You are more balanced than your heartbeat”, says the sister jokingly and he replies: “I want ‘heart’ out there”. Juliette responds to the brother: “Then give it to me, then!” During the afternoon, the two met in front of the dressing room and she said that she would exchange a back cleaning for a massage.

After that, she taught him to take care of his skin, to avoid blackheads and pimples, as a good friend, but the internet didn’t think that way and the ship it soon became a subject among the public on Twitter. It is worth remembering that the participants’ families guarantee that the two would not work out of the house, due to the differences.

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