Jorge Sousa talks about dating with ex-wife friend Laura Keller

Jorge Sousa talks about dating with ex-wife friend Laura Keller
Jorge Sousa talks about dating with ex-wife friend Laura Keller

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Jorge Souza (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The music producer Jorge Sousa used his social networks last Tuesday (30) to talk about the controversy involving his ex-wife Laura Keller and his current girlfriend, which according to the actress, until then she was his close friend. Through the Stories, he clarified the whole situation.

“Dirty clothes wash at home, I’m not going to attack Laura, give my version of anything, I think my life and hers is only about us and nobody else… We have been separated for almost six months, I think Laura is living her life, and I think I have the right to live mine too ”, he started.

In sequence, Jorge said that the decision to end the marriage between him and Laura came from a strain on the relationship.

I think that for me to be in a relationship it has to be very good to put up with someone else. It has to be the most wonderful thing in the world… Time ended up changing because of both of them, both made mistakes, no one is forced to stay with anyone ”, said.

In order not to generate more plots for this story, the producer said it’s up to the two to move on, without blaming other people for a decision that was theirs.

“To finish this matter, there is no victim or villain… I don’t want to be living a mediocre life, a bad relationship, that’s what I told her. We are already separated, there is no such thing as ‘talarica’, the girl has nothing to do with it. The only ones responsible for the terminations are us. There is no point in being victimized… There is no third person ”, he continued.

Finally, despite being separated, Jorge Souza did not hide his admiration for his son’s ex-wife and mother, Jorge Emanuel, 7 months.

“I have never seen a mother so committed to raising a child, to running after, I admire her a lot. I want to be her partner, to be with her for whatever she needs. But unfortunately it is not enough for us to be husband and wife … You are not to blame. We made mistakes, me and her ”, he concluded.

Understand the case

This week, Laura Keller made an outburst on the social networks after discovering that the ex, Jorge Souza, was living a new relationship with one of his friends. At the time, she was disappointed and he called the woman ‘talarica’.

“I have a few ‘contacts’, but everything is still very virtual. I never met anyone. It is difficult for a mom to relate to someone. For men it is much simpler and to move forward ”, started. Following, Laura said: “Worse than I know the person he is with. Not only do I know it, but I received it at my house. She slept at my house, she was like a friend, I treated her as a friend ”said Laura Keller.

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