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Adriel MarquesEM OFF reporter 31/03/2021 18h57

The American rapper Lil Nas X posted on his Twitter verified a meme with his image next to the digital influencer Camilla de Lucas. The international singer recently got involved in controversy of ‘satan’s sneakers’ with drops of human blood and is in the spotlight after the situation.

Lucas stretcher, a Rio de Janeiro influencer from Nova Iguaçu, is participating in Big Brother Brasil 21. The sister is gaining strength in the attraction due to her positions and her friendship with Professor João Luiz. Camilla is also a strong ally of Juliette, the public’s favorite to become a millionaire.

The meme is the division of two images: in the first, Camilla de Lucas is gaping, while the second shows rapper Lil Nas X on a pole dance. In the clip, the American rapper goes from heaven to hell rolling and dancing on the pole, which generated a lot of repercussion due to religious themes and strong images.

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Lil Nas X is well known for the hit “Old Town Road”, recorded in partnership with Billy Ray Cyrus, father of singer and actress Miley Cyrus. The singer who did not accept his homosexuality came out in 2019, enjoying the last day of LGBT Pride Month to make the revelation.

Camilla de Lucas doesn’t even imagine that she has now become an international meme and, when she leaves reality, she should be surprised by the amount of followers she has gained. It currently exceeds 8 million followers on Instagram.

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