BBB 2021: Gilberto is upset by Sarah’s elimination and changes his look

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Gilberto is upset with Sarah’s elimination and changes the look at BBB 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Who watched the BBB 2021 between Tuesday night (30) and Wednesday morning (31), he realized that Gilberto was the one who suffered most after the elimination of Sarah. The Pernambucan was upset, was consoled by the participants and even changed his look, radically.

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Alone in the room, Pipoca’s brother said he would be eliminated next Tuesday, as his biggest ally bid farewell to the competition for R $ 1.5 million: “Enough for me. Brazil, if that’s what you want, forgive me for everything. I will not endure rejection. For all that is most sacred. I’m going out, it’s all right”.

Gilberto also hinted that he wants to leave the most watched house in Brazil, but that he did not do so as not to lose the awards he has already won: “Oh, my God, I’m not going to last a week here, no. It has to be very strong. Just a week, Gilberto. One week, only”.

I won’t be able to last a week, my God, I won’t be able to. Oh, my God, I wanted to be released so I could leave without losing anything. I’m not going to take it. I can not take it anymore. I just wanted to be released so I could go home, please”, Continued the doctoral student in Economics, confirming this desire to give up.

João Luiz approached and wanted to know how his confinement colleague was doing, who replied that he was fine. The geography teacher instructed him to sleep well and heard the following: “I just want to sleep, rest and get well. I will follow my life in here and see what happens”.

Viih Tube was another one trying to comfort Gilberto, trying to put a little optimism in him: “The fact that Sarah left does not cancel out what we feel, understand? If it’s what you felt, it’s what you felt, got it”. The miner reinforced this message: “You are not the same person”.

Youtuber returned to the floor with more advice and incentives: “Wednesday is a day of turning the page. It’s a new week. Every Tuesday is a cycle that ends. We have another week to be us and surrender to Big Brother. Another week here is another opportunity. Think from that angle. Don’t think that because she left you will leave”.

Fiuk, moments later, came up with the same narrative for his friend: “Don’t throw this at you, no, Gil”. The disappointed brother reflected on everything he heard: “That things in here, the direction of things in here, change very fast and you can’t say, or think you know anything, no. And that Sarah was the one eliminated and that it was about trust. We left like two traitors, Sarah and I”.

Once again alone in the house, Gilberto declared that the elimination of Sarah has greatly disrupted him: “I do not want anymore. I’m at my psychological limit. I’m not well enough to handle this. I have no structure I just want to stay asleep this week, doing the tests I have to do and waiting for Tuesday. If that’s what people want, that’s fine. I am not the one who will prevent the people’s happiness from voting for me to leave”.

After all, the economist took advantage of a trip to the bathroom to remove all the vast beard he had until then, promoting a radical change in the look, after the ally’s departure.

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