Lafayette, keyboardist of Roberto Carlos dies in the 1960s and celebrated by the 2000 generation of Brazilian rock dies

Lafayette, keyboardist of Roberto Carlos dies in the 1960s and celebrated by the 2000 generation of Brazilian rock dies
Lafayette, keyboardist of Roberto Carlos dies in the 1960s and celebrated by the 2000 generation of Brazilian rock dies

RIO – Lafayette Coelho Varges Limp, organist who recorded Roberto Carlos classic records in the 1960s and helped define the sound of the young guard, died at dawn this Wednesday at the Getúlio Vargas Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 78. . In the 2000s, after a period of obscurity, he was rediscovered by the new rock band.

Accompanied by Gabriel Thomaz, Érika Martins, Melvin Ribeiro, Renato Martins and André Nervoso – the group Tremendões – Lafayette did a series of shows and recorded two albums: “As 15 Super Quentes de Lafayette and os Tremendões” (2009) and “A Nova Guarda de Lafayette & os Tremendões ”(2015, this one with new compositions only). The musician’s body will be cremated at 4pm on Thursday, at the Crematorium São Francisco Xavier, in Caju.

Carioca, Lafayette was a pianist linked to the rock gang of Rua do Matoso, in Tijuca (from where Roberto and Erasmo Carlos left, in addition to Jorge Ben and Tim Maia), when he was called by the record company RGE to participate in an album by Erasmo.

To GLOBO, he recalled in 2015: “There was an organ in the corner of the room, I took off its cover and started playing. Erasmo heard it and said: ‘That’s it, let’s put that on the record!’. Later, he spoke about me to Roberto Carlos, who bought the idea and took me to CBS. Moving the Hammond B3 organ of the studio here and there, I came up with a sound that Evandro Ribeiro, president of CBS, really liked. find something different from what Ed Lincoln and Eumir Deodato did at the time.

Famous for the organ sound that gave Roberto hits, like “I want everything to go to hell” and “I don’t want to see you sad”, in 1966 the musician recorded “Lafayette presents the hits”, the first of more than 30 LPs by CBS, where he would stay until 1980. His albums featured instrumental versions he had arranged for hits at the time, including film soundtracks, and sold a lot, even earning him a gold record.

To pay for hemodialysis treatment, keyboardist Lafayette, who helped create the identity of Jovem Guarda with his organ Harmmond, was honored in a show this Thursday (27th) at Teatro Rival, in downtown Rio. Erasmo Carlos sang ‘Festa of Arromba ‘. He and the keyboard player were the first to record rock using the organ. Images and edition: Élcio Braga

In 2004, far from successful times, he performed in restaurants, Lafayette was approached by the leader of the Autoramas group, Gabriel Thomaz, his old fan, with the proposal to lead a new group. It was there that Tremendões were born, with which he would go on to perform in several venues in Rio de Janeiro and record albums. In 2017, friends organized a show to raise funds in order to pay for the musician’s kidney failure treatment – and Erasmo Carlos even participated in it.

On Instagram, Erasmo mourned the musician’s death: “My friend Lafayette and I … A ruthless pneumonia that morning took his sound to play in Heaven … missing his pioneering spirit in B a BÁ of Brazilian Rock with his brilliant organ. .. ”

Now Melvin, bassist of Tremendões, also wrote on Instagram: “Today we lost the genius Lafayette, who I was lucky to accompany on stage for the past seventeen years. Many, many emotions! Thank you for everything, Master! Many, many tributes to come. Lafa deserves it! ”

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