Friends lament ‘BBB21’ Gil’s sadness, and hope for rapprochement with Juliette

Friends lament ‘BBB21’ Gil’s sadness, and hope for rapprochement with Juliette
Friends lament ‘BBB21’ Gil’s sadness, and hope for rapprochement with Juliette
Gil’s sadness at the elimination of Sarah in “Big Brother Brasil 21” touched the viewers and the economist’s friends out here. For people close to him, the confined one felt even worse because he saw the great ally come out on the wall against Rodolffo, who has become his rival.

– In addition to a guilt that Gil created for him, which does not exist, seeing a friend “losing” to a guy who, besides being a plant, demonstrated homophobic attitudes, is something that causes a feeling of helplessness. It is not good to see my friend that way, both because of his emotional and because of the risk that this can bring to him in the game. But we are confident, because in addition to his intelligence, Gil is a very enlightened guy. He just needs to follow his intuition. And, more specifically at that moment, to understand that Sarah’s departure has to do with her wrong attitudes, which have not gone blank here – analyzes Henrique Andrade, biologist and friend of the “BBB21” participant.

Having clarity to understand the feelings will be essential to reviewing the game.

– Gilberto is very intense, in addition to being very close to Sarah. He will still feel that exit in a painful way. I hope that my friend will be able to release this sadness and seek a new breath to follow its essence. Is that at the beginning of the game, Gil was more centered and focused. I believe that the alliances he formed influenced and distanced him a little from his goal. he has a very good heart and let himself be carried away by some people. But I believe in him and I’m hoping that now he will be able to get up and stay close to those who really do good for him – says David Willyan, another friend from Pernambuco.

And when they say “who really does good” to the confined, the friends are almost unanimous in understanding that a rapprochement with Juliette, his partner at the beginning of the game, will be beneficial.

– I hope you will join Juliette and also Camilla de Lucas and João – Henry supports.

Visual change

To inaugurate the new phase in the game, Gil decided to change his look and took off his beard. The situation generated memes on the web, which played with the “new participant”.

– I also think it was a way for Gil to enter a new phase, leave some things behind and rescue others. Not to mention that he was 10 years younger – says David, laughing.

Friends, for aesthetic taste, are divided as to the choice. But you know that this is just a detail. What really matters is to see the economist well.

– Boy, I think Gil is more handsome with a beard (laughs). But he is handsome anyway – Henrique is amused.

Gil and friends (Henrique on the right)
Gil and friends (Henrique on the right)

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