BBB 2021: Tiago Leifert leaves participants suspicious after attitude with Fiuk

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Tiago Leifert leaves participants suspicious after attitude with Fiuk at BBB 2021 (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Tuesday night (30) at BBB 2021 it marked the elimination of Sarah and consequently left the house very thoughtful. One thing that drew attention was an attitude of Tiago Leifert with Fiuk during the speech given before announcing the result of the audience’s formation.

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The presenter asked Fiuk to bet on the deleted name and he did not answer that question: “You have thrown me a very difficult responsibility, I am being asked that all day. I told everyone I don’t know”. Tiago did not give up and provoked: “Speak a name that you think will come out, your intention”.

In the Colorful Room, when the lights were off, Juliette commented on the speech by the owner of Big Brother Brasil: “Tiago is ironic that only”. Fábio Jr’s son was also surprised: “He asked me. If there’s someone who knows that I said ‘I don’t know who’s going out’, it’s him. He asked me twice”.

The Paraiba wanted to know if at some point in the day Fiuk gave any hint about the wall and he denied it: “No, it’s one thing for me to talk. ‘I didn’t want Sarah to leave’, but I didn’t know what Sarah had done”.

Finally, Juliette questioned Tiago Leifert’s insistence on the competitor, something that did not happen with other participants requested at that time: “I thought it was strange that he asked you many times … I thought it was really strange, I didn’t understand if you didn’t take a position or if you didn’t want to speak”.

Sarah left the dispute for the millionaire prize in a vote with more than 654 million votes, with 76.76% of public rejection in this hot spot. Rodolffo received another 22% of the votes, while the makeup artist had the minimum percentage of 1.24%.

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