He hid behind Grandpa Monster in “Maskorama” – VG

COSTUME SHOW: “The Masked Singer” is big in the US. Yesterday it was Grandpa Monster who smoked out. Photo: FOX

Grandpa Monster had to thank himself on Wednesday in American “The Masked Singer”.

Beforehand, TV viewers had guessed wildly about who they thought was inside the costume, partly because the person admitted that he worked a little with his bad reputation.

VG wrote before Wednesday’s broadcast that the fans interpreted a number of hints in the direction that Youtuber Logan Paul (26) was the man who hid, because a number of links were drawn to something that could correspond to his troubled past.

In the US, they are in season 5 of the competition, and there they now have a twist in the form of so-called “wild cards”. These get a chance to replace existing participants, and that is what happened here. Newcomer Krabben secured more votes than Grandpa Monster, so then it was over and out.

And the fans were right. The where Logan Paul looking forward from the costume. His performance of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” did not convince viewers.

YOUTUBE STAR: Logan Paul at a Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills in 2019. Photo: Chris Pizzello / Invision

Logan Paul tells The Wrap after the downturn that he amused himself at how close judge Nicole Scherzinger (42) was by guessing correctly. The pop star was pretty sure that it was Paul’s brother, Jake Paul (24), who was inside the grandfather monster.

– Part of me was disappointed, because I am not very happy to be confused with Jake, in the same way that he probably does not like to be confused with me, he says about his two year younger brother, who is also Youtuber.

– So when she said that, my heart sank a little in my chest, but I knew that with that I would have a good opportunity to confront her after the deworming, and it was fun, says the beaten participant and claims that he and Sherzinger “Found the tone.”

Logan Paul has created several controversies with the content he has created. The biggest uproar was when he filmed a person who had committed suicide in Japan.

“The Masked Singer” also offered a solid twist in the premiere of season five, when what was described as “the most famous participant of all time” broke out.

Before Christmas, NRK decided to go for a new round this autumn. VG was recently in contact with the channel, which can not say anything specific about where in the planning process they are.

«Norway is doomed“, Wrote Aftonbladet’s commentator before Christmas about what he describes as a” strange supervirus “, ie the huge talk that” Maskorama “has become. He also warned Sweden against being bitten by the bacillus – something that was too late. Sweden has also decided to invest.

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