Sarah says she went to ‘regulated’ parties; what are?

Sarah says she went to ‘regulated’ parties; what are?
Sarah says she went to ‘regulated’ parties; what are?
After being eliminated from the “BBB 21”, Sarah Andrade received a hint from Ana Maria Braga this morning and apologized for having minimized the covid-19 pandemic in the confinement. She said it was only “regulated parties” at the end of the year celebrations. But, after all, what does that mean?

The parties I went to were all regulated. I didn’t go to parties that weren’t approved by the government or anything, they were all regulated. It doesn’t take away my mistake. I can only apologize. Sarah in an interview with Ana Maria Braga

At BBB, Sarah talked about the parties a few times. She said she was at a party in Barra de São Miguel, in Alagoas, when she received the final call for the program, and also that she participated in a New Year’s Eve party, without explaining whether it was in the same place.

The sister concluded: “I didn’t get covid because God loves me”.

Image: Playback / TV Globo

What is a government-approved party during the pandemic?

At the turn of the year, Alagoas was in the Blue Phase, that is: only events with up to 300 people were allowed. The organizers needed to request authorization from the Health Surveillance, stating that they are aware of safety protocols such as temperature measurement, mandatory use of a mask and a minimum distance of 1.5 m between people (with signs for customers).

In Brasilia, where Sarah lives, the government even canceled celebrations and limited the opening hours of bars and restaurants until 11 pm – but then went back, and the restaurants and bars were able to operate until later on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. . To the Correio Braziliense, the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), justified:

There were already many restaurant tables sold for Christmas packages. So, I thought it was fair that, on Christmas Eve, with proper care, restaurants can work. Ibaneis Rocha, Governor of the Federal District

The government also demanded compliance with sanitary protocols such as the arrangement of tables at a distance of 2 m from each other, operation with 50% of capacity and organization of queues.

At BBB, Sarah said the protocols were followed at the parties she attended – but she didn’t seem very happy with the measures:

I went to New Year’s Eve this year, it was so cool. The police came every hour, telling us to stay at the tables, this distancing thing, we had to take a test beforehand. Sarah Andrade no BBB 21

Splash contacted Sarah’s press office for a position on the subject, and has yet to receive a response.

Rise of cases since then

At the turn of the year, hotels in Alagoas had an average occupancy of 85%, according to the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry in Alagoas. On December 30, the state recorded 7 new deaths by covid-19, according to the consortium of media outlets of which the Twitter is part of.

Alagoas is now in the Red Phase, more restricted than the Blue Phase, with 85% occupancy of the ICU beds for covid-19. Yesterday, March 30, the state recorded 22 new deaths due to the disease, totaling 3,533.

In the Federal District, the numbers also increased: 7 new deaths were registered on December 30, and 94 yesterday. 4,248 people died as a result of the covid-19 in the Federal District.

On December 30, Brazil had a moving average of 668 dead per day. Today, that average (calculated based on deaths in the last 7 days) was 2,971 – with 3,950 being recorded in the last 24 hours.

Because of the current stage of the pandemic, the direction of “Big Brother Brasil” last week warned participants that the situation is worse than at the beginning of the year.

“The second wave was really heavy. If you think it has improved, that you will get out of there and everything will be fine, it is not the case. We are still in the middle of the pandemic. I know you look at the parties, the evidence , and they think everything is fine, but it’s not all right “, commented presenter Tiago Leifert.

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