Sarah comments controversy with Pocah in Los Angeles – POPline

Sarah comments controversy with Pocah in Los Angeles – POPline
Sarah comments controversy with Pocah in Los Angeles – POPline

After his elimination from Big Brother Brasil, Sarah has fulfilled the traditional schedule of participation in programs of TV Globo and affiliates. On Wednesday night, it was the turn of “BBB A Eliminação”, from Multishow, to receive the marketing strategist for a chat about his time in reality.

The presenters addressed one of the most emblematic polemics of the edition: the relationship between Sarah and Pocah before the program. A video of the funkeira telling how she was treated by her sister on one occasion before the confinement was shown and the eliminated of the week commented on the situation, saying that, living in the United States, she really didn’t know who the artist was, but that she recognized her music listening to it.

In an outburst in the first weeks of BBB, Pocah said he traveled to Los Angeles and, over a bridge from a mutual friend, there was a request for Pocah to stay at Sarah’s house – which was denied. The marketing consultant lived in the United States, but did not want to receive the artist claiming that she “didn’t even know”.

Sarah apologizes for lines about the pandemic

For many, one of Sarah’s thorniest moments within the “BBB 21” was the somewhat skeptical statements about the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic. And the theme was one of the subjects addressed by Ana Maria Braga in the “Mais Você” program, this Wednesday morning (31).

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About ten days ago, a video of the participant entering the fourth ‘cordel’ with a mask was widely criticized by Internet users. Sarah enters the room and addresses Gilberto and João using the item on their face. She says “I’m going to go live like this today” when she appears with the protection. “Just thinking about the victims of the covid”, concludes the brasiliense in a ‘joke’ tone.

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Days before, Sarah remembered her interviews for the tryouts before joining BBB. She even said that she sent videos at parties in full quarantine. Boninho, the program director, asked her: “does the pandemic not exist for you? Nobody is dying for you ”. The answer was the following, according to herself: “oxy, I am not feeling anything”. And he added: “Can I speak? I didn’t catch Covid because God loves me ”, he joked with the serious situation.

“The only thing I have to do is apologize. And it is from the bottom of my heart. It is to apologize to all the victims, to the families of these victims because when I joined the program, things were really improving, you know? The places I went to were regulated parties. I did not go to parties that were not being approved by the Government, on the contrary. Everything I went to was regulated, but that doesn’t take away my mistake and I just have to apologize ”, the now ex-BBB repented.

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