“I did everything I was not supposed to do”

“I did everything I was not supposed to do”
“I did everything I was not supposed to do”
Gilberto woke up shaken on the morning of Wednesday (31) at BBB21, after the elimination of Sarah from the program. In conversation with Arthur in the external area of ​​the house, the doctoral student in economics confessed that he will not watch any episode of BBB21 after leaving the house. Questioned by the crossfit instructor, the brother confessed: “I’m afraid, like this, that nothing happens”.

“You won’t even see the big kiss?”, Asked Arthur, referring to the kiss that Gilberto gave Lucas at the beginning of the program. “So I’m even more scared. I did everything I was not supposed to do in this program. I managed to fill the entire table of possible errors as soon as I joined Big Brother”, analyzed the brother. “Welcome to the team, then,” replied Arthur.

A few minutes later, Gilberto talked to Juliette about eliminating Sarah. The Paraiba confessed that she was afraid of the result: “Thank God I was, I was afraid, see? I suspected that Sarah would leave, but I was still afraid, I will not lie. Why did you think she would leave? ? “

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“Because I was with her at all times and she was very intense, like me”, revealed the brother. “Friend, everyone is here in intensity …”, pondered the lawyer. Gilberto went on to state that he knew she was going to leave, without revealing why.

Gilberto dawns a new look at BBB21

This Wednesday morning (31), Gilberto was the first to wake up at BBB21’s house. After spending time on the porch and reflecting on the game, the doctoral student in economics went to the bathroom and started shaving off his beard. The pernambucano took all the hair off his face and completely changed his look.

After making the change, the brother went back to sleep. Shortly thereafter, the wake-up call was triggered in the house. The brothers woke up and reflected the participant’s new look.

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Before going to the bathroom to shave, Gilberto spent some thoughtful time on the BBB21 balcony. “I’m leaving Tuesday,” said the brother aloud. “It’s already given to me. Brazil, if that’s what you want, forgive me for everything. I’m not going to take the rejection. For everything that is more sacred. I’m going to leave, it’s all right. not a week here. It has to be very strong. Just a week, Gilberto. Just a week, “said Gilberto alone.

After being silent for a few minutes, the pernambucano returned to declare: “I won’t be able to last a week, my God, I won’t be able to. Oh, my God, I wanted to be released so I could leave without losing anything. more. I just wanted to be released so I could go home, please “.

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