Andressa Suita’s body: model resumes training and regrets loss of muscle mass

Andressa Suita’s body: model resumes training and regrets loss of muscle mass
Andressa Suita’s body: model resumes training and regrets loss of muscle mass
Andressa Suita enjoyed a trip to Angra dos Reis accompanied by her children, Gabriel and Samuel, who are impressed by the similarity, and by Gusttavo Lima, with whom the model would have resumed the wedding, despite the couple’s discretion. During the entire period in which she was away, Andressa assumed that she did not practice daily physical exercises, as she does in her routine.

And this Wednesday (31), already back in Goiânia, the blonde also revealed to have returned to training: “Guys, after 20 days without training, I’m coming back, I lost all muscle mass. Tomorrow will I be like, Claudinha? “, he asked his personal trainer who answered, without hesitation. “Without walking,” said the professional. “Mercy,” responded Andressa.

During the entire training period, the model was tired and without energy for the exercises. “Do you see what happens when the person spends 20 days without training? Crawling in the gym. That’s the price. Come, don’t be ashamed,” warned the personal. At the end of the training, facing the mirror, Andressa filmed herself and showed fat on the sides of her back: “It’s too much, look here”, she lamented. And he promised: “Nice little challenge. I’ll get there”.

Andressa Suita talked about the possibility of a 3rd child

Although they have not yet confirmed the reconciliation, Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima are already together, according to friends of the couple, who said that everything would be “almost normal” between them. And Andressa also ended up giving clues when commenting on a sensitive post by Lene – the same one that predicted a supposed pregnancy by Bruna Marquezine – that indicated that Andressa may have her third baby with the backwoodsman.

The model, who has already considered getting pregnant again to give the singer a daughter, reacted to the prediction: “Beloved, nothing happens here. I use IUD”. And after reading several comments about failures in the device, which could lead to an unwanted pregnancy, the blonde replied: “They said that the IUD (intrauterine device) is useless, but I trust the IUD yes!”.

Andressa Suita evaluated the separation of Gusttavo Lima

When Gusttavo Lima asked for the separation of Andressa Suita, the model assumed that she was taken by surprise and was floored by the news. Then, the model rethought and evaluated the period when she was alone. “It was so necessary, I matured so much as a woman. And before I put a dependence on my happiness on my husband, Gusttavo. And today I see that I have to put a happiness on myself for my children to be happy. I think God prepares everything and I don’t think my marriage came to an end at that moment, it was bad, it was very good “, he said.

(By Carmen Moreira)

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