BBB21: Arthur reveals he thinks about vetoing Fiuk from the Leader’s Test

BBB21: Arthur reveals he thinks about vetoing Fiuk from the Leader’s Test
BBB21: Arthur reveals he thinks about vetoing Fiuk from the Leader’s Test

After a night full of emotions after eliminating Sarah do BBB21, Arthur He woke up excited when he remembered that this Wednesday (31) there is a Leader Party. In the kitchen, the brother celebrated the event and also commented on the Leader’s Test, which will take place next Thursday (1).

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In conversation with Pocah, the crossfit instructor revealed his veto options and talked about his perceptions of the game.

“This Leader has to be ours if God wants,” said Pocah.

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“I’m going to ask Juliette like that if she will direct me directly. If not, I think about vetoing her. I said that, [se] if so, I think about vetoing, ”said Arthur.

“Who did you really want to veto?” Asked the funkeira.

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“No, if this situation continues, I will go to Fiuk. He took me out of a race that had a car, ”recalled the crossfit instructor.

“You guys not that much better?” Asked Pocah.

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“We are. However, I know that I am at least his second option. The first is her [Juliette]. Certainly ”, pointed out the brother.

“I think he’s a goofball,” says Sarah when evaluating Brother Arthur

Right after being eliminated with 76.76% of the votes, Sarah participated in BBB Chat, under the command of Ana Clara, at GShow. In one of the program’s staff, the eliminated participates in a draw, where he needs to talk about his former gambling partners.

The first name to appear for Brasiliense was that of Camilla.

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“I think she is a very incredible person. I wanted to get closer to her inside. She can really hear all sides. Something that people can’t do inside. She was very true, ”she revealed.

The next chosen one was Arthur. Then Sarah has already weighed a little more in her hand with the crossfitter.

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“For a moment, I was very hard on him. But I think he was a goofball. It was very much in the minds of others. He’s an incredible-hearted guy. A very nice guy, but for hanging out with some people and listening to what they were saying, he was sinking. I’m not going to lie, when I saw him walking with Rodolffo I started to worry. He’s a country boy who wants to win the world, but he’s going to hang out with ‘the badass’ and there he goes … ”, he said.

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