BBB21’s rotten bathroom becomes a joke on the web; find out how house cleaning works

The rotten bathroom BBB21 it became one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter today, after images of the box in the room ended the program yesterday and showed that the place was totally inappropriate for use.

It was possible to see the very dirty shower area, with the black corners and the dark sludge baseboard. Ew!

It turns out that the participants of the attraction are, yes, responsible for part of the cleaning of the house, however, only to a certain extent. Those who follow the reality show on Globoplay have come across internal maintenance notices several times – and external ones as well.

As noisy devices are not allowed and the rooms are carpeted, it is also the team that pilots the vacuum cleaner there – usually on Wednesdays. On the same days, participants are asked to change the bed linen and towels, putting in the basket those that need to be washed and receiving new ones afterwards through the pantry, UOL reported.

Check the photo below, the dirty bathroom and next to it, a clean suit:

BBB 21: dirty bathroom x clean bathroom - Reproduction / Globoplay

Crap on the BBB21

Despite having external help with cleaning, the brothers also sin for being little pigs at times. João Luiz and Arthur, for example, have already complained about having to collect dirty paper from feces on the reserved floor. “Pigs,” complained the professor.

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