Erica is saddened by David

Erica is saddened by David
Erica is saddened by David
The next chapters of Mother’s love, Érica (Nanda Costa) you will understand, in the worst possible way, the downside of getting involved with an environmental activist. When romance with Davi (Vladimir Brichta) is more than engaged, the boy is shot and goes into a coma.

What happened makes Erica think that she really has no luck in love. The young woman was not happy with her romance with Raul (Murilo Benício), which started well, but soon both realized that they did not belong to the same world, which made them move away.

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Later, Érica realized that she had a special feeling for Sandro (Humberto Carrão), which initially worried her, since they lived as brothers for a while. But soon they decide to give the feeling a try and start dating. However, the novel cannot resist at a distance, since the girl is going to take a course abroad, and the boy gets involved with Betina (Isis Valverde).

So when David appears in her life, Erica believes that, this time, she got it right. She is frightened by the constant threats her boyfriend receives, but she gives in to the passion nonetheless. What she didn’t count on was that the threat would become an attack, and she would have to see the beloved in a coma, between life and death. It makes her very sad.

Amor de Mãe is a novel created and written by Manuela Dias, with the collaboration of Roberto Vitorino, Mariana Mesquita and Walter Daguerre, and supervised by Ricardo Linhares. Artistic direction is by José Luiz Villamarim, directed by Walter Carvalho, Noa Bressane, Philippe Barcinski, Isabella Teixeira, Fellipe Barbosa and Kiko Marques.

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