” Fear of Sarah not wanting to be my friend out there ”

Gilberto went alone to the fourth string of the BBB21 and cried lying on the bed.

Brother stayed with his face covered for a while and then turned to the wall. Then he started talking to himself and made an outburst.

“I am afraid that I lost my doctorate, that I disappointed my mother, that I didn’t pass my PhD, that I lost my friends. I am very afraid. Sarah is afraid of not wanting to be my friend out there”he lamented.

Gilberto was very shaken by the elimination of Sarah on the wall of this last Tuesday, 30. The sister left the program with 76.76% of the votes, in the second largest vote in the history of reality. After leaving the house, the digital marketing consultant participated in the BBB Chat and talked about friendship with the doctoral student in economics: “I will tell you, Gil is a wonderful guy. I want him to win,” she said.

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