Man interrupts live report shouting ‘Garbage Globe’ and irritates Bocardi

Man interrupts live report shouting ‘Garbage Globe’ and irritates Bocardi
Man interrupts live report shouting ‘Garbage Globe’ and irritates Bocardi

This Wednesday (31), during the “Good morning SP“, A man interrupted Fernanda Elnour’s live report to criticize the broadcaster. journalist was talking about a campaign to collect non-perishable food at a vaccination post in Jundiaí, in the interior of São Paulo, when she was surprised by the individual.

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“One of the challenges of the pandemic is to bring food to those in need. And a challenge that has already started with the drop in revenue and the difficulty of encouraging people to make this donation without having to get around – many people are not in the habit of doing this over the internet ”, began Fernanda.

“So, since people need to leave home to get immunized, it was thought of a way for people to take the opportunity to bring non-perishable food. Here, in Jundiaí, for example, there is a vaccination point. Another thing I wanted to say to you… ”, he said, intending to conclude the sentence, when a man entered the scene. “Garbage globe“He said.

Rodrigo Bocardi was indignant at the interruption, and gave a sermon to the viewer who was absent with respect to the journalist’s work. “In a little while we will return with Fernanda Elnour, when they let her work and take the information to you, which vaccination post is becoming a food collection post. If this is not good information for society, at the time of this pandemic, what will be? Account for us? ”

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