Outside the BBB 2021, Sarah changes her tone and cuts off her mother to talk about the pandemic

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Sarah cuts off her mother to talk about the covid pandemic (Image: Reproduction / Gshow)

After leaving the BBB 2021, on the night of this Tuesday (30), Sarah been in BBB Network and managed to see his mother again after a little more than two months confined to the Globo reality show.

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The ex-sister was thrilled with her mother’s words, but she cut her off, who spoke of partying in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. In the video, the guest stated that she was very proud of her daughter.

Then, then, she also suggested that several people close to Sarah want a party. The eliminated, however, recalled that in the time of a pandemic this cannot be done personally.

“Your friends, all so crazy to see you. Look, they’re going to want a party, see, Sarah? ”, declared her mother, but the sister countered.

“Look, how are we going to do it, you can’t have a party. We hold a meeting with everyone via video call. And then everyone opens their can inside the house“Commented the marketing consultant, who at times of the confinement minimized the pandemic and also criticized some measures taken by governors.

Sarah’s mother corrected herself and said the party would be after the period of social isolation: “Sarah, let me tell you. When you can, see? Because out here the business is ugly ”.

“We had no idea about these businesses inside. We thought it was getting better and then we got scared. We thought we already had a vaccine ”, fired the former competitor.

Within the reality show, she even said that she went to clandestine parties during the isolation period and called the security protocols “freshness”.

In addition, the blonde came to declare: “I can speak? I didn’t get Covid because God loves me ”. On social media, many netizens criticized the attitude of Sarah’s mother for wanting to throw a party.

Fábio Almeida

Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is a writer and responsible for the column “Do Fundo do Baú”, published on Thursdays on RD1, with remarkable content from the history of Brazilian TV. It is on social networks at @luizfabio_ca and can also be via email [email protected]

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