Alleged affair of Jorge Sousa talks about Laura Keller: ‘Unbalanced’ – Entertainment

Alleged affair of Jorge Sousa talks about Laura Keller: ‘Unbalanced’ – Entertainment
Alleged affair of Jorge Sousa talks about Laura Keller: ‘Unbalanced’ – Entertainment

Dayana Medeiros Oliveira, Jorge Souza’s alleged affair, countered the accusations of Laura Keller, who said the young woman was her friend and cheated on her with her ex-husband. Dayane said there was no betrayal on her part and even accused the actress of going out with other men.

“I’m getting a lot of bad messages from people threatening me. I don’t think that’s fair, because everyone just heard one side of the story and I think an extreme lack of responsibility is a person who has more than 700,000 followers talking on her profile to other people come to distill hatred in my profile, mainly, because what she said doesn’t match the truth “, she started.

Dayana denied it was fan or friend of Laura and said that the actress knew everything that happened to her ex-husband inside the house. “She said that she was betrayed inside her own house, but that didn’t happen. If something happened inside her house, it was with her consent and by her will. What she did to me was to see me as a way to resume a marriage that was over a long time ago. ”

In the sequence, the young woman said that the actress never accepted the end of the relationship with Jorge Sousa, father of his 7-month-old son. “The only reason she is doing all this is because from the beginning she never accepted the breakup and wanted to pay as an outdated and empowered woman on Instagram. She said she didn’t need a man, but behind her she always ran after Jorge. contrary to what she has been saying, I was never her friend and much less a fan. In fact, every time we had contact it was because she came to me and I have proof of that. in a serious way. Jorge is also being threatened by her in several ways “, he reported.

Dayana also accused Laura of going out with other men. “Unfortunately, she only posts what suits her. She even said that, for now, her contacts are only virtual, but that is not true. Last week, she traveled to Angra dos Reis with another man, she has conversations with several other men. She has already followed her life, but she doesn’t want to let her ex-husband follow his. I heard all of this from her mouth. I don’t like people who don’t expose the truth. ”

Finally, the young woman said that she expects Laura to follow her life in peace. “I didn’t take the videos that she made very much into consideration, because she was clearly doped in all of them. When I said I was sorry for her, it was because I knew the reality, the unbalanced person that she is. The only thing I want is that she can follow her life with her head in place. I think she is a very beautiful woman with the ability to find someone who really likes and values ​​her. ”

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