Pam Puertas says Secom paid per share on ‘early care’

Influencer Pamela Puertas said today that she received money from Secom (Special Secretariat for Social Communication) to make a post about “early care”, and not about early treatment – a method that still has no proof of effectiveness.

In a note posted on her official Instagram account, Pam said she made the publication paid for by the Federal Government to help inform her followers.

I never wanted to take any advantage and as a professional in this sector of influencers I accepted to do the campaign much more to help those who follow me, since I understand that this information about early care is indeed relevant, so that a person does not become contaminated and ends up seeking help doctor after being in a serious situation. I reiterate, only a doctor can prescribe medication and supported by science.

The influencer also revealed that she received R $ 2,500 from Secom for the post and promises to convert the money into a donation for the São Paulo broadcaster’s Band Contra a Fome campaign.

Another one who spoke after being paid by the Federal Government to defend early treatment was former BBB Flávia Viana. The digital influencer cried today and apologized in an outburst posted on Instagram stories.

“I do not believe in early treatment of this disease so crazy that it is spread around,” said the ex-sister.

Understand the case

A report by the Public Agency revealed that, in January this year, Secom (the Federal Government’s Communication Secretariat) hired four influencers, who received an amount of R $ 23 thousand to talk about “early care”. The budget came out of a total investment of R $ 19.9 million in the advertising campaign called “Precocious Care COVID-19”.

Former BBB Flávia Viana alone received R $ 11,500, according to the documents obtained.

In the action script, Secom instructed influencers to make a post on the feed and six stories – all on Instagram – telling followers that, if they experienced symptoms of covid-19, it was “important that you immediately see a doctor and request a early care “.


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