After Sarah’s departure from BBB 2021, Lucas Penteado thanks support and defends ex-sister

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Lucas Penteado thanks support and defends Sarah (Image: Reproduction – Globo – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

After Sarah was eliminated with 76.76% of the votes BBB 2021, Lucas Penteado decided to use her Instagram profile to talk about her sister. The former BBB recorded a series of videos in Stories defending the marketing consultant.

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“I would like to remind you that when I lived the worst moment I had at the house, there was a person who was against everyone and who thought: ‘Damn it is not fair what is happening’, it was Sarah. Beauty?”, recalled the actor.

The Globo contractor followed and asked the followers to understand his attitude towards reality: “For this simple point, I would like you to give her the opportunity to show who the human being is and not the judge of Big Brother, okay?”

“That’s all I would like to ask for. It is a personal request. ‘Ah but she did it with Juliette’, in the game, I also watched it and I was upset, you know? ”, guaranteed the famous.

Lucas Penteado stressed that he will keep his friendship with her outside the most watched house in the country: “I did not vote either to stay or to leave. I didn’t campaign for anyone, I just did it for Juliette. There are few ”.

“But look, Sarinha defended me and the friendship we had there at the beginning was loyal and she will have my friendship out here too“, Commented the actor.

Finally, after the long outburst, the artist also published: “I don’t speak about BBB anymore. You take it to the heart. I stopped here ”.

Sarah faced Rodolffo, who added 22%, and Juliette, with only 1.24%. The way out came amid her controversial phrases about the Covid-19 pandemic and friction with two former allies.

The brasiliense became the favorite of the edition. In the first Game of Discord, she defended Lucas Penteado, then the target of psychological violence committed by the so-called Gabinete do Ódio – Karol Conká, Lumena, Nego Di and Projota. In fact, she was directly responsible for the elimination of Karol and Nego, appointed by her, as leader and in the countercoup, for Paredão.

Fábio Almeida

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