BBB 2021: Rodolffo presses Fiuk after coming back from the wall again

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Rodolffo presses Fiuk after returning from the wall of BBB 2021 again (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Rodolffo survived its third wall in the BBB 2021 this Tuesday night (30), in a dispute with Juliette and Sarah, with 22% of the votes to leave. With this “approval” from the public, the famous felt more confident and decided to press Fiuk in a quick conversation.

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In the external area of ​​the most watched house in Brazil, the country singer decided to provoke Fiuk, after some disagreements with him: “Now do you believe my truth?”.

Even demonstrating support for Sarah to stay in the game, Fábio Jr’s son recalled that he did not make any guesses on this tense wall: “It is not a question of believing the truth. I was the first to speak to them, but I’m afraid to speak, especially during the time of Paredão, you know? It looks like something else. I was the first to speak and to Sarah”.

Rodolffo insisted on the matter, showing that he felt discredited by the competitor for the R $ 1.5 million prize: “Confess, you didn’t believe I stayed, no”. The actor was firm in denying that he had any thoughts: “I’ll tell you from the heart: this wall I didn’t know what was going to happen”.

Fiuk also quoted that he was asked by the live presenter and gave the same answer: “Tiago [Leifert] asked me and I was very sincere … Just like I told everyone, Gil, Sarah … What I know, is what I saw”.

Cleo Pires’ brother started to move away from the Goiano, after he made a controversial joke about the dress he wore at a party: “How does this boy in a dress go to a nightclub in Goiânia, Sarah?”. The ex-BBB, while still at home, countered: “You can take it! Goiania the men all gross”. Gilberto added: “You can take it! Goiania the men all gross”.

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