BBB 21 lives expectation for the emergence of a new antagonist

BBB 21 lives expectation for the emergence of a new antagonist
BBB 21 lives expectation for the emergence of a new antagonist
In a season marked by constant twists and turns, Sarah’s departure from BBB 21 it is quite representative. After all, the player traveled a race track, where she started as the protagonist and favorite, but ended the defenestrada race. And his departure makes room for the emergence of a new antagonist.

The BBB 21 “villain” post was already quite busy. During the first weeks, the walls surrounding the “Gabinete do Ódio” promoted real catharsis in the public, which expelled its members with record rejections. But Projota’s departure, the last of the “Gabinete” to leave the game, opened up loopholes for the emergence of new agitators.

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In this context, Sarah ended up standing out with her poorly explained heels. After all, if at the beginning she was one of those who read the game better, later on Sarah lost her sight and tripped over her own legs. In addition to controversial comments, which made her lose her charm, Sarah also decided to go head-to-head with Juliette, one of the most popular.

That is, from this moment on, Sarah delivered that she had already lost the thread of the skein. The girl ended up helping Juliette to see her fans increase, as she chose to lead a crusade against her. Thus, she transformed Juliette into a protagonist, while placing herself in the position of antagonist. And that brought it down.

And now?

Sarah’s departure should make room for Gilberto to grow. Their friendship ended up hampering the boy, since the girl constantly advised him to “behave”. It remains to be seen whether Gil will take advantage of this freedom to recover his initial strength, or put his feet in his hands.

Meanwhile, Rodolffo and Caio may appear as a new antagonistic duo, rivaling Gil and Juliette. The singer is in an overconfidence that can bring him down, while his friend must continue to bet on his controversial game. Running outside is Viih Tube, one of the main responsible for the conflict of the last wall.

In other words, BBB 21 still has many surprises. You have to wait to see the next turnaround.

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