Arthur records Leader’s Podcast and talks about Carla Diaz: ‘I had the chance to meet and fall in love’ | BBB Podcast

First BBB21 participant to face a second leadership, Arthur records his podcast straight from the Leader’s Room. In a conversation directed to fans of the program and also to those who are interested in being in the future BBB, he tells how he tried to enter the program several times – and how he finally got it!

In the podcast, Arthur also talks about Carla Diaz, recently eliminated from the game:

“It was a person that I had the chance to meet and fall in love with.”

“She is wonderful. It made me grow a lot in here.”

Arthur also talks about his expectations and fears, how he misses his family and gives advice to anyone who wants to live this experience: “You have to be yourself!”.

“There is no way to support a character inside the house.”

Listen to the full program!


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