The movies that will be removed from Netflix in April 2021

Netflix fans should be on the lookout. More than 60 titles, including films and series, are expected to leave the streaming service catalog in April.

Among the titles are the Fast and Furious films – so those who still want to catch up on the franchise must race against time. In this case, the available features leave Netflix on April 1st.

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Check out ALL the Netflix removals in April 2021:

April 1st

The Antenna
The Witch: Part 1 – Subversion
The Girl Who Conquered Time
The Official History of the FIFA World Cup (3 episodes)
The Law of the Night
A Man Called God (24 episódios)
Amityville: The Awakening
Barão Vermelho: Why are we like this?
Born to Be Free
Cain and Abel (20 episódios)
Damn Graveyard 2
Damn cemetery
Crossed destinies
War two worlds
World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles
Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer
Sinister Game
L Storm
The Valija de Benavidez
Maris – Healing by Yoga
My Best Friend
Miss Sympathy 2: Armed and Powerful
The Marwan Case – Suicide or Murder?
The dictator
The Water Monster
Operation Odessa
The Damned 2
Peppa Pig (46 episodes)
Kidnapping in the Red Sea
Under the dominion of evil
The Negotiation
The Search for Life in Space
A Trainee
Fast and furious
Fast + Furious
Fast and Furious 3 – Tokyo Challenge
Fast and Furious 4
Fast & Furious 6
Fast and furious 7
Trip 2 – The Mysterious Island
Journey to the center of the Earth

April 2

Horror Story

April 3

A Brilliant Deal

5th of April

Angel look
Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall

6 of April

The 4th Company

April 12th

The Possessed Bride
Paranormal Curse
Demonic Death
Shrek Forever – The Final Chapter
Shrek Third

April 15

Eddie Murphy: Delirium
Final Girl
Little Singham 2
Hulk Planet
The Darkest Dawn

April 16th

Adventures with the Kratts (26 episodes)
Double Blow
Monica Toy (6 episodes)
Gold and Greed


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