The best Netflix series releases in April

Netflix continues to provide ample reason to stay at home and watch your shows compulsively. April is one of the strongest months of content that the streaming service will have in 2021, and this is evidenced by some of the incredible series to come.

This month features deadly killers, a lot of family fun and a series that surprisingly hasn’t been canceled after the controversy it caused.

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Let’s dive into the main series that Netflix will launch in April 2021.

Remember that Netflix show that featured Gaten Matarazzo that caused a lot of controversy?

Well, apparently, that wasn’t enough for the streaming service to cancel Scream, You’re Being Filmed, and now the series is back for another season.

This time, unsuspecting people will be exposed to facilities that include old cemeteries and even a haunted mansion. Fans are curious to see if the public will forget the original controversy or go crazy again because of the premise.

Paradise and the Serpent shows Charles Sobhraj’s real-life murders in the 1970s that took place along the “hippie trail” in South Asia. The series stars Tahar Rahim from The Looming Tower and an actress that Doctor Who fans know well, Jenna Coleman.

With the fame of the main actors, this series is expected to attract a good audience and possibly be the next successful real-life drama series that will keep everyone debating in April 2021.

The McKellan family is back and will prove once again that love and family can overcome all kinds of headaches, difficulties and losses in life. Of course, not everything is as heavy as it seems, since Family Reunion follows with the comic style that fans who liked in previous episodes.

Also, Tia Mowry is a highlight on this show, so definitely make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a fun and healthy family series.

Right after another wedding series, Netflix is ​​back with Unframed Wedding. In this series, comedian Jamie Lee will mentor six engaged couples and help them navigate through all the stressful moments that can arise from planning and conducting a wedding.

It seems like a very ambitious series, given the amount of things that can and do go wrong on the big day.

Fans can’t wait to see how Netflix’s The Circle: USA fares in its second season.

The first season had a good reception, although fans are hoping that the next season will have more people willing to go crazy among the contestants.

After all, this is a program with a good amount of money at stake!

Jamie Foxx has a new series on Netflix and, for those looking for another family comedy to watch, here’s the right content for you.

When his daughter comes to live with him, Brian Dixon does everything possible to help her while she faces all the major problems in life. Of course, he has some help from his best friend, sister and father.

After much excitement from Netflix, Shadow and Bones will finally come to the streaming service in April 2021. This fantasy series for young adults revolves around orphan cartographer Alina Starkov, after discovering that she has extraordinary power that can change her life and the lives of the people around you.

Of course, there are some dark forces that wish to end this power. Whether the series will have a good reception, it remains to be seen, since the saga of books from which it was adapted is a trilogy, so there is a lot of source material for future seasons, if it is a success.

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