Rodrigo Bocardi complains live after matter was interrupted by a Bolsonar player

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Reporter is interrupted by a protester and Rodrigo Bocardi is taken by surprise (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Newscast of Rodrigo Bocardi, O Good morning SP this Wednesday (31), with Covid-19 as the main agenda, was also marked by yet another attack by a Bolsonar demonstrator against the press. Fernanda Elnour was in Jundiaí, in the interior of São Paulo, when a man broke into the link and shouted “Globolixo”.

The journalist was conducting an article about the collection of non-perishable food for people who need donations to survive in the midst of the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“One of the challenges of the pandemic is to bring food to those in need. It is a challenge that has already started with the drop in revenue and the difficulty of encouraging people to make this donation without having to move around. A lot of people don’t have the habit of doing this over the internet ”, explained Fernanda.

“So, since people need to leave home to get immunized, it was thought of a way for people to take the opportunity to bring non-perishable food”, told the reporter, who continued the story until the interruption caused by a voter of President Jair Bolsonaro (without party):

“Here, in Jundiaí, for example, there is a vaccination point. One other thing I wanted to tell you about… ”.

The direction of the newscast cut to the studio and showed Rodrigo Bocardi’s serious face. “In a little while we will be back with Fernanda Elnour, when they let her work and take the information to you, which vaccination post is becoming a food collection post”, he mocked.

“If this is not good information for society, at the time of this pandemic, what will it be? Account for us? ”, questioned the Globo anchor. Until 8 am, half an hour before the end of the journalistic, Fernanda Elnour had not returned.

Recently, Rodrigo Bocardi vented about his unhappy performance at the helm of the BDSP. “We have been facing days that make it very difficult to put a smile on your face, to create something relaxed”, he pointed out. “It is a succession of bad news, as you said, knowing that our goal here has always been to seek something good, because we know that life is not just about bad news”, he observed.

Paulo Carvalho

Paulo Carvalho he has been following the world of TV since 2009. A trained broadcaster and journalist by profession, he has been writing for websites for five years. It’s in the RD1 as a reporter. It can be found on social networks at @pcsilvaTV or by email [email protected].

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