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Wilson Teixeira, a former competitor of ‘Casa dos Segredos’, made a series of criticisms of Cristina Ferreira in a video that he published this Tuesday, March 30, on his Instagram account.

At stake was a message that Wilson received from TVI’s production and that he shared with his followers through stories.

“I need you to send me the receipt for the BB comment”, someone asked.

To which he replied: “I have been unemployed for more than a year … because of the pandemic, football stopped and my contract ended up not being renewed. I confess that those 80 euros could be useful, but more important than money , for me is my dignity. So, what I ask is that you make that payment to Cristina Ferreira’s account and that it is my way of thanking you for all that she has done and continues to do “.

[Mensagem partilhada por Wilson Teixeira]© Instagram – Wilson Teixeira

Given the incomprehension of some followers to these words, Wilson explained his position and critical stance.

“There is something called dignity. When they fail me in terms of words, when they say one thing and then do another, when I see people who are prejudiced, like Gisela João, who have labels and prejudices that spoil people’s lives just because decided one day to participate in a reality show “, he laments.

“I do not reject the 80 euros because of the green receipt. I reject that Cristina continues to give that money to those who need alms, to those who sell themselves, to those who need to have a sold or bought opinion, and I am not like that “, fencing.

“She who makes use of the 80 euros, look, who goes to buy some chickens, because she will continue to make a **** program, giving prominence to **** people and continuing to forget where is that she came “, she says, recalling a joke that the presenter played with Toy in ‘Cristina Comvida’, where she gave the artist 15 euros precisely to go and buy chickens.

“People cannot forget that it was ‘Big Brother’ and the reality shows that made TVI a channel. She will never have the audiences that I had on the shows where I worked with Teresa Guilherme, with whom I did reality shows”, ends.

Remember that Wilson was also one of the people to criticize the fado singer Gisela João because of a comment that she made on the program ‘All Together Now’.

Get the story: Furious, ex-‘Casa dos Segredos’ accuse Gisela João of “discrimination”

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