” We don’t see everything ”

” We don’t see everything ”
” We don’t see everything ”

In X-Ray, Camilla de Lucas talks about Tiago Leifert leaving brothers in ‘tight skirt’

We can already say that the night of last Tuesday, 30, at Big Brother Brasil 21 it was quite difficult.

Just before the elimination of Sarah, the atmosphere in the most watched house in Brazil was one of tension and conflict.

Talking about it in a heartfelt conversation in the confessional, Lucas stretcher took advantage of the X-Ray of this Wednesday, 31, to criticize the questions of Tiago Leifert during deletion.

Closing his speech and conversation, the presenter questioned all those confined about who would be the eighth eliminated from the program. “My God, yesterday there was the elimination of Sarah with Tiago, again, asking things for us live to leave us in that tight skirt”, pointed out the influencer.

“He asked who I thought would leave and I really didn’t know who would leave yesterday. Obviously, I was rooting for Ju a lot, and I really wanted her to stay, but it was a very difficult wall that involved things that we don’t see, we don’t see everything “, criticized the carioca.

Then, the sister praised Leifert’s confidence speech and talked about the difficulty in trusting the confinement colleagues. “Inside here it is very difficult for us to trust someone, because we look people in the eye, people say one thing and act differently, so it is very difficult to trust someone”, she said.

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