See Tiago Leifert’s elimination speech to Sarah

Sarah was the eighth eliminated from “BBB 2021” (TV Globo) and left the program with 76.76% of the votes. The ex-sister faced the hot spot alongside Rodolffo, who got 22% and Juliette with 1.24% of the votes.

In the speech and elimination, the presenter emphasized that the theme of this wall was trust and that it is difficult to trust the next when you are in a game like “Big Brother Brasil”.

The theme of this wall was what you even proposed to us, it happens every year, it is a theme repeated here at Big Brother, it is a classic, which is trust. It was a topic that you talked about these past few days. I have already spoken to several teams about this Big Brother. We are programmed to trust people.

When we arrive at a new place we want to make friends, when we enter a new school we want to meet everyone and make friends, when we enter a new job we want to be friends with people, want to have lunch with them , that enjoy, go to the bar and have fun. It is our standard position, it is to trust, it is to open up. It must be because thousands of years ago, our ancestors realized that if they met in tribes, it was easier to survive.

When you enter Big Brother, specifically, the default position is not to trust. It is very difficult to trust in there, you come in already very scared. And then this conflict between trusting and not trusting creates paranoia in you, which is the state of some of you at the moment. You take random information, put it together and take action. They see something here, they catch a phrase from the random presenter and try to come to a conclusion.

And sometimes you even get things right, except that you got it sort of lucky, it was a guess and you think not, that ‘now I understood the course of the game’, but the course of the game we don’t even know. We see what’s going on today, but the course is surprising. I would say that the formation of this wall the way it was, is surprising.

And on top of so much pressure, paranoia and random information. Can you really trust you? Can you trust what you’re seeing, feeling, seeing? Can you trust your opinion? Can you trust it?

Leifert then started asking the participants who would be leaving the program: “Fiuk, who’s going out today?” The brother however was unable to answer. “Tiago cê played a very difficult responsibility. Asking me that all day and I’m saying that I don’t know”, replied Fiuk.

The presenter asked Camilla who also said she didn’t know. João gave his opinion on Rodolffo, Pocah also said that he did not know, Arthur commented that it would be Juliette, Viih Tube suggested Sarah and Thaís said that he was between Sarah and Rodolffo. Leifert again asked Fiuk, who reaffirmed that he did not know, so Tiago continued:

The responsibility is ours. Let me announce it then, but it’s difficult, right? Sarah comes out of the game today.

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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Globo / João Cotta


Globo / João Cotta


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Globo / João Cotta

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