BBB21: Lucas Penteado asks the public to empathize with Sarah after elimination

BBB21: Lucas Penteado asks the public to empathize with Sarah after elimination
BBB21: Lucas Penteado asks the public to empathize with Sarah after elimination
Follow the comments of Lucas Penteado every wall has been an option for many internet users, who have fun with the actor’s good-natured snapshots. He, who dropped out of the game in early February, after feeling rejected, has stood out for his optimism and high spirits.

Right after the As a result of Sarah’s elimination, the ex-brother used his social networks to defend the marketing analyst, who left the game with 76.76% of the votes.

“I would like to remind you that when I lived the worst moment I had at the house, there was a person who was against everyone and who thought: ‘Damn it is not fair what is happening’, it was Sarah. Beauty ? “, he recalled.

Lucas asked his followers to understand the attitudes of Brasiliense.

“For this simple point, I would like you to give her the opportunity to show who the human being is and not the judge of Big Brother, beauty? That’s just what I would like to ask. It is a personal request. ‘Ah but she did that with Juliette ‘. In the game, I also watched and was upset, you know? “, he stressed.

The artist pointed out that he did not campaign for her, but he wants to maintain his friendship with Sarah.

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“I did not vote either to stay or to leave. I didn’t campaign for anyone, I just did it for Juliette. But look, Sarinha defended me and the friendship we had there at the beginning was loyal and she will have my friendship out here too “.

Keeping his mood, he joked with whoever was against his statements.

“I don’t talk about BBB anymore. You take it to heart. I stopped here”.

Soon thereafter, Lucas teased his followers.

“Who will be the next leader?”


Friend shoulder

In the first Discord Game, held on February 1, Lucas Penteado was accused of being a canceller by almost all participants. On the occasion, Karol Conká criticized the actor’s attitudes and took it hard.

“I’m finding it funny that the baby cries, he doesn’t realize he’s an abuser. He doesn’t respect, he’s an abuser and he thinks I don’t have to explode. What a woman wouldn’t explode, wouldn’t call you a shit after you disrespect me in a hammock. national? What woman wouldn’t do that, guys? “, shot the singer.

Lucas Penteado did not deny having made mistakes in some decisions and, when defending himself against Karol Conká, the actor asked the rapper for empathy.

In the interval of the live program, Karol Conká started talking to the participants, attracting the eyes of everyone, including Lucas Penteado himself.

“You don’t look at me, man! You don’t look at me. Turn that sh * t from that guy over there. This, respect the mamacita”.

After the game was over, Lucas became isolated from the rest of the house and Sarah decided to go to the poet to talk.

“I don’t agree with you. They’re telling me what you did, I don’t agree. But I didn’t feel in a position to do it because I didn’t see it. It was unfair,” said Sarah.

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