‘I beg you: respect this disease’, says Yudi’s mother about covid

‘I beg you: respect this disease’, says Yudi’s mother about covid
‘I beg you: respect this disease’, says Yudi’s mother about covid

After being discharged from hospital, Tania Maria, the mother of former SBT presenter, Yudi Tamashiro, spoke about the severity of covid-19, on Tuesday, 30. She had been hospitalized since the last 18 for complications of the disease and left the hospital on Sunday, 28. In a video shared by her son, Tania alerted followers about the risks of coronavirus and talked about the state of health of Yudi’s father. Nelson Tamashiro was also infected and remains hospitalized.

“I made a point of saying that I won the covid. I have to make a strong testimony of my life, because people are experiencing this moment of pandemic, suffering and pain. Only they are unable to measure what the disease is for each human being. Each one feels in a different way ”, she started.

“My son already had it, he got sick and ended up in the hospital. My twenty-four-year-old daughter was asymptomatic. He felt nothing. But, unfortunately, my husband, my Nelson, is in the ICU until now intubated. Living only on the machines. In it, it happened in another way, gave a cardiac arrest and a kidney arrest ”, he explained.

“I am a witness of what covid is in a person’s body. I spent twelve days in the hospital watching death closely. It is very sad to have something walking inside your body without knowing how to explain what it is (…) You have no breath to talk about the pain you feel. The greatest of all is the dread of the unknown (…) I beg of you: respect this disease ”, he asked.

Very touched, Tania thanked the support she received and asked the fans to continue praying for Nelson. “I am very grateful for the prayers you have said for me and my family. But, my path is not over yet, I really need you to pray for my husband, so that he will stay with me and my family again. ”


Yudi said that the mother started doing physical therapy yesterday, to recover from the sequelae that she had after the hospitalization. The presenter explained that she still has trouble breathing.

“Everyone who leaves hospital and from this fight needs to undergo physical therapy to strengthen their lungs. Breathing is confused. My mother feels a little short of breath and, every news that appears from my father, she gets very nervous and it gets worse. So, we started physiotherapy. I believe that, in a week, she will even be able to walk better ”, he said.

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