Juliette consoles and tries to cheer up Gilberto after Sarah’s departure

Juliette and Gilberto had a motivational conversation this afternoon on the veranda of the “BBB 21” house. Earlier, the brother cried on the fourth string and apologized to Sarah, who was eliminated last night, for believing he was responsible for her friend’s departure. The economist even decided to change his look and even shaved his beard.

First, together with Fiuk, the lawyer tried to convince Gil to talk to the psychologist available to the confined. The two also tried to cheer up the brother for the party of leader Arthur tonight, proposing to the brother to ride him as a drag queen, with “pretty Gloria Groove” makeup and to wear one of Camilla’s lace front wigs.

Then, alone with the economist, Juliette consoled him and tried to cheer the Pernambuco man up, talking about the experience of mourning and overcoming:

A lot of people like you, even inside here. If you really did something that you regret, try to ease it. And it is not drooling anyone, nor changing their behavior. It’s you getting well. Being happy in here does not mean that you like Sarah less. It is mourning, even Christian. Juliette

Gilberto then vented to the Paraiba: “I think the only person I hurt here was you. I regret this and I put Sarah on a crazy cake and she was eliminated for that”. Juliette tried to dismiss her brother’s concern:

And I’m here talking to you. Nobody forces anyone, Sarah did what she wanted to do, everyone is an adult here. I’m not going to exclude you inside. It doesn’t go out here, neither what happened good either. I am not going to hit the hammer now and say that you are a horrible person, a traitor. I still believe that everything we lived here was true. Juliette

The sister continued, stating that she was not upset with the Pernambucan: “If your concern is with me, you can take this guilt off your back because I know that what we lived here was for real”.

Good people do bad things. Bad people do good things. There is no such thing as good and bad. Forgive yourself. What happened, happened. Sarah is happy outside. Stop giving up on things without happening, don’t anticipate. you do not know anything. You have overcome so much in life, you know. It’s one more. Juliette

Gilberto, who listened carefully, said: “We knew the risk”. “I’m not happy, I’m sad, but I’m fine, reflective,” added the economist, recalling that he thought he would leave in the second week of the program.

After Sarah’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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