5 reasons that make Ana Clara the perfect replacement for Tiago Leifert at BBB

5 reasons that make Ana Clara the perfect replacement for Tiago Leifert at BBB
5 reasons that make Ana Clara the perfect replacement for Tiago Leifert at BBB
Tiago Leifert denied the rumors and ruled out leaving the command of Big Brother Brasil (BBB). However, if one day the reality show host decides to follow new professional directions, Ana Clara would be the most natural and up-to-date substitute to fill the role. A success between the critics, the public and Boninho, the reporter just won a program at Globo and, certainly, would take the letter as an anchor of the attraction in days of angel testing, leader and night of elimination.

Check out the five reasons that make Ana Clara the most natural substitute, in an eventual departure, from Tiago Leifert at BBB:

Women in charge

After almost 20 years of the program and with men at the helm of the BBB command, Ana Clara would be the first woman to anchor the reality show presentation and, for sure, she would make iconic elimination speeches on Tuesdays, set the playground on fire in game days of discord and would use his characteristic sarcasm in his contact with the brothers.

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It is worth mentioning that Marisa Orth shared the presentation of the first edition of the reality show with Pedro Bial. But, she did not follow in the following seasons.

The know-how of an ex-BBB

Ana Clara lived the BBB18 intensely. The presenter fought, danced a lot, cried, did not bathe and yielded several memes for that. She owns the record for the most enduring endurance race in the program’s history, lived a romance, suffered from crush and overcame (all in confinement), in addition to being one of the favorite participants in her edition.

The presenter has the experience and also the theory of what it means to be inside the reality show, she knows like no one about the pains and delights of being inside the most watched house in the country. There is no doubt that she would add a lot to the command of the attraction.

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Performance in programs

Currently, Ana Clara is at the head of #RedeBBB and her interviews with the BBB21 eliminators have congested Globoplay, the streaming service of the global broadcaster. The performance of the ex-sister was impressive and she just won a program to call her on Globo.

As of April 5, everything that happens on the reality show, for example, who did well and who did badly in the game of discord, the joints of the wall formation, the results of the tests and the elimination, the last bullshit and all the events of the house will be from Monday to Friday at the BBB on duty, commanded by Ana Clara right after Jornal Hoje.

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Acclaimed by the public

You don’t have to scroll through the social media feed to find thousands of public praise for Ana Clara. “Ana Clara is super empathetic, wonderful, attentive, perfect, I even lack words to praise” and “Wow, I love Ana Clara! She’s wonderful! Naclara is going to replace Leifert in a few years, have you thought? ” are some of the comments easy to find on the web.

Praised by Boninho

Ana Clara’s performance and success with the audience earned her praise: Boninho. On March 17, the big boss used social media to praise the interviews made by the presenter.

“This girl is deserving more space. She is dominating, Ana Clara,” wrote Boninho on Twitter. At the time, she had interviewed Projota, eliminated with 91.89% of the votes. “Hehehe boss, 3 am and you send me one of these? How do I sleep now? Thank you”, replied the presenter.

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