Desolate, Gilberto asks for his elimination after Sarah’s departure – POPline

Desolate, Gilberto asks for his elimination after Sarah’s departure – POPline
Desolate, Gilberto asks for his elimination after Sarah’s departure – POPline

Gilberto remains very shaken after the departure of Sarah and, on the morning of this Wednesday (31), she asked her best friend for forgiveness during the “BBB 21” x-ray. He cried during the outburst and even talked about his own elimination.

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“Oi Brasil, first I want to send a kiss to Sarah, to say that she was wonderful ”, he started. “I want to apologize to Brazil for not being me on the wall. I get it, I don’t like bullshit, Tuesday [6] I am there on the wall for you. I want to ask for forgiveness for my mistakes, if it looked like I was cheated, if I was cruel, if I was really bad ”.

In sequence, Gil he apologized, saying “this is me, with my mistakes, with my successes” and went back to talking about his going to the wall, truly thinking that he is being criticized by the public.

“I’m sorry if I’m here making you see something that you don’t want to see, hear what you don’t want to hear. But this is me, with my mistakes, with my successes. I am this here and ready. I’m also not going to martyr myself for being who I am. That’s it. What I can do is go to the wall for you to get me out of here with 99% ”.

Finally, he reinforced the request for forgiveness, stating: “I am very sincere, I am very intense, I am crazy, I am freaked out, I am crazy but that is me. Forgive me everyone, but you have nothing else to do. I only have forgiveness for asking ”.

Watch the video:

In mourning for Sarah, Gilberto shaves

Earlier, even before doing the x-ray, Gilberto she decided to face the mourning for the departure of her best friend. At first, he cried a lot, feeling guilty for the elimination.

To face this “monster” head on, he decided to radicalize and shave! It’s like a new Gil! As he himself says, an edition of “BBB” has several seasons and this must be the beginning of a new one.

When a person goes through a difficult time, it is very common for there to be a radical change in appearance. Thus, it seems to renew even the soul and it is easier to move on. From the start, Gilberto he appeared with a beard and he looked very different with his smooth face.

The doctoral student in economics woke up at dawn just to shave. In addition, he said that he will make the “plant” line and be quieter. We kind of doubt it, don’t we?

Compare Gilberto’s looks:

BBB 21 mourning for Sarah

BBB 21 mourning for Sarah

Photo: Globo / GShow

Watch the transformation moment

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