“I did a lot of things for free [na SIC]”

“I did a lot of things for free [na SIC]”
“I did a lot of things for free [na SIC]”
Rúben Pacheco Correia gave an interview to the magazine “Nova Gente”, where he told everything about his departure from SIC and the consequent move to TVI.

The 24-year-old spoke about the “disregard” that he felt on the part of Daniel Oliveira, when he informed him of the invitation to the Queluz de Baixo station, but not only.

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Rúben Pacheco Correia also spoke about the monetary issue.

The young Azorean revealed that this was not the trigger for his move to TVI, confessing that it is not the money that moves him:

“That was not even the issue. What I will earn on TVI is not much different from what I earned on SIC. In fact, I wasn’t at SIC for money, so much so that I did a lot of things for free. In the program Somos em Casa, for example, I didn’t earn anything ”, he said.

Rúben Pacheco Correia revealed that he was not “sorry” and said that what led him to accept the invitation was the fact that it was Cristina Ferreira who did it:

“I’m not sorry, it’s not the money that moves me. I don’t live on television. I have my business (…) What moves me is the project. The only reason that made me go to TVI was Cristina Ferreira. If someone else had invited me, I wouldn’t have gone. But I trust her, I believe her and I am very proud to be able to be with her ”.

It should be remembered that the young man was at the premiere of the Cristina Ferreira-Cristina Com Vida- program last Monday, March 29th.

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