Miss World detained after controversy in Miss Sri Lanka contest

A Miss Mundo Caroline Jurie and the former model Chula Padmendra were arrested.

At stake will be the Sunday incident, in which they crowned and discouraged one of the candidates for Miss Sri Lanka, claiming that she could not be elected representative of the country since she was divorced.

A Cinnamon Gardens Police officer has already confirmed their detention. The detention took place after they came to the police station to make statements about what happened.

According to the Daily Mail, Caroline Jurie refused to apologize to the victim, Pushpika De Silva, having refused to withdraw the complaint filed against the first, until she admitted her mistake.

It is recalled that Pushpika De Silva, who was deprived of the title of Miss Sri Lanka 2021 shortly after being elected the winner, this Sunday night, was hospitalized.

The woman was admitted to the hospital with head injuries after the crown was literally ripped from her head by Miss World Caroline Jurie.

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