“Only Silvio likes him”, says Ratinho in hate and demanding Dudu’s resignation

Ratinho was the guest of Vem Pra Cá (Photo: Reproduction)

Carlos Massa, Ratinho, SBT presenter, did not control himself and, live, demanded the dismissal of Dudu Camargo from the broadcaster

Carlos Massa, owner of Rádio Massa, detonated Dudu Camargo, his broadcaster colleague at SBT, during the program Turma do Ratinho, which is shown live on the radio of the presenter in São Paulo.

The SBT presenter was revolted by the fact that Dudu Camargo said during his participation in the program Panico da Jovem Pan, that he does not like to go on vacation at Silvio Santos’ station, because the substitute drops the audience and ends up leaving him the challenge to resume the numbers. With no mouth on the tongue, Mouse went up and said that if it were up to him, the young guy would be on the street already:

“It will be very annoying [o clima nos bastidores]. The guy is going to say such nonsense. If I were Silvio [Santos], I put my foot in the ass ”, fired Ratinho, eliciting laughter from his fellow programmers. “He forgot that only Silvio likes him”, detonated Ratinho, making it clear that the atmosphere behind the scenes in relation to Dudu Camargo is not at all positive.


Dudu Camargo (Photo: Reproduction)

For those who do not know, in addition to talking about his replacement, Dudu Camargo, he also left a possible exit from the SBT in a threatening tone: “I did not leave the SBT, but I am giving people varieties to work out if it can happen”, he explained.

“I really like to do television and I think a lot of people can’t see me on another channel, but we have several stations where Dudu would fit into different projects,” he added, leaving an expectation in the air.

It is worth mentioning that the TV Pop website came to inform that the atmosphere behind the scenes of SBT is of extreme revolt, after the interview with Dudu Camargo. For once again, journalism officials would be campaigning for Silvio Santos’ s darling to be fired.

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