BBB 2021: Participants react to Tiago Leifert’s impactful speech

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Tiago Leifert’s speech impacted BBB 2021 participants (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Tuesday night (6) at BBB 2021 was striking, with Tiago Leifert bringing an impactful discourse on racism, representativeness and errors. After the elimination of Rodolffo, the participants of the Globo reality show echoed the speeches of the presenter.

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João Luiz, who was directly affected when the ex-BBB compared his hair to a caveman wig, praised what he heard from the famous: “I thought what Tiago said was very sensitive”. Camilla de Lucas added: “In fact, he said everything we wanted to say before and was unable to”.

It was very sensitive on his part, it was didactic, it was sensitive, it was necessary”, Continued the Geography teacher, feeling embraced by the speech that took place live. “Me talking about my little wig. Just laughing so I don’t cry”, Joked the influencer from Rio de Janeiro, receiving affection from her friend, laughing.

In another corner, Fiuk thought about another part of what was said by Leifert: “He said something that he himself had said about returning from Paredão”. Juliette followed the line of reasoning: “It’s not carte blanche [para fazer o que quiserem]”. Gilberto also took the floor: “To no one”.

The Pernambuco woman spoke again, implying that Rodolffo was feeling approved by the public for having returned from some consecutive walls: “He didn’t say it, but he hinted at it and I said to him: ‘It’s not like that’. Sometimes there is a person who has to leave before you, not that you are right”. Thaís ended the subject: “Is not it”.

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