BBB 2021: Arthur and Fiuk reflect ugly fight between them in new comments

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Arthur and Fiuk echo an ugly fight between them, at BBB 2021, in new comments (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Editing – RD1)

Arthur e Fiuk no longer pecked since the beginning of BBB 2021, but they gave a truce that lasted very few days. After a live fight, in the Game of Discord, which almost came to fruition, the pair of enemies echoed this disagreement with new comments.

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The crossfit trainer was affected after receiving the “dirty game” arrow and criticized Fiuk’s speech to explain his decision: “I didn’t say anything too much. I just said that the game was not compatible. The guy started beating me up, called me a lot of things. He called a liar, a coward. Not there, old man. He didn’t even look at me when he was talking. Speak looking into my eye”.

He wanted to grow up on me. If he is Fiuk, I am Arthur from Conduru (ES). I don’t have bad weather with me. And I still think that what he said was not right”, Followed Arthur, who warned not to fear further fighting.

Pipoca’s brother, who called Fábio Jr’s son “c # zão”, detonated his rival and said he was wronged: “He even talked about Carla [Diaz], old man … Then everybody comes over me. Come on, my whole life was like this, it won’t be any different on a television program”.

Fiuk, on the other hand, stated that he tried to appease this animosity between them: “I tried to push with the belly, I tried. I tried to give such a truce, to give it a try. I approached”. Juliette, who listened to this outburst, said that she did the same: “I also tried. I tried hard. Gil knows how much I defended him”.

The famous understood that he was very sincere with Arthur in this dynamic that happened on Monday (5), and that he repeats these vacillations a lot: “I was very sincere with him. The things I said at the Discord Game, I told him”.

Paraiba agreed with what she heard and ended the conversation: “Do you know what happens? He does one, two, three. He apologizes, says that it is the way, that he does not like it and that he tries to change. Then do it again. And we have to hold on. Then, as I have to put up with it, I’ll do it too, so he can see how bad it is”.

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