Powerpuff Girls: First images of the live-action recording reveal the heroines’ costumes and powers in action; come and see!

Welcome back to Townsville! The work on the set of the live-action series “Powerpuff Girls” is in full swing. This Wednesday (7), the first images of the protagonists appeared as Florzinha (Chloe Bennet), Lindinha (Dove Cameron) and Sweetie (Yana Perrault). Apparently, the salt, seasoning and everything good had an effect!

The actresses were photographed giving life to the already grown heroines, years after the “accident” with the Element X of the iconic animation. The scenes of the pilot episode of “Powerpuff” were recorded in the city of Atlanta, where the girls were seen for the first time with the colorful costumes of the characters – a trademark for a generation of children who watched the drawing. Actor Donald Faison, who gives life to Professor Utônio, was also present.

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In addition to the similarity of the scenery – like the square residence of the girls, which always appeared in the drawing – their gifts were also not left out. At one point during the recordings, Chloe “flew away” in Florzinha’s skin, showing that the years have passed for the girls, but that they remain superpowered. Watch an excerpt below:

But the free samples of the project did not stop there! Director Maggie Kiley, who is in charge of the first episode of “Powerpuff”, also shared a behind-the-scenes photo and revealed the logo that the CW series will have. Just spy:

Almost 22 years after the cartoon that marked it was on TV, The CW intends to relaunch the Powerpuff Girls as “Disillusioned young people in their 20s, who feel they have lost their childhood through the fight against crime”. The series will address a time when the world needs them most … But will the heroines come together again, after all this?

Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron and Yana Perrault will bring the characters to life, who are in a new (and disillusioned) phase of life. (Photos: Getty)

Adolescence and the spotlight also brought about a series of changes in the protagonists. Florzinha became a more secluded person, having to deal with her anxiety after leading the group in childhood. Lindinha, on the other hand, remains the princess of cuteness, but she will surprise you with her cleverness and resistance. The rebel Docinho, on the other hand, tries to live in anonymity and get rid of the identity of superpower, more sensitive than ever. There is still no prediction for the series premiere… But we can’t wait!

Will the day be saved once again thanks to the Powerpuff Girls?

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