Inpatient, Claudia Rodrigues has a fissure in her shoulder and severe inflammation

Admitted to a hospital in Curitiba, actress Claudia Rodrigues, 50, was diagnosed with a cracked shoulder and severe inflammation in the ligaments. She, who has been fighting multiple sclerosis since 2000, went to the medical center after experiencing severe pain.

According to the magazine Quem, Claudia suffered a new spinal injury. According to the artist’s businesswoman, Adriana Bonato, Claudia performed exams this Tuesday (6/4).

“Yesterday all the tests were done and, unfortunately, she has a fissure in her shoulder and a severe inflammation in the ligaments, in the tendons. This is due to a new spinal injury, in C5, which is compressing the nerve and, with that, radiates the pain all over the body and in the arm ”, informed Adriana through social networks.

“Now she will have to undergo treatment, medications. Yesterday she already had an injection of corticosteroids that greatly reduced the pain and four more medications a day now, in addition to the six that she already takes and in ten days she will return to do the exams and see if the problem has been solved ”, he amended.

“If not, then we will see the question of surgery. But it is too early to talk about it, so I ask your prayer that our Phoenix will be able to get rid of this cucumber once again. Take care, wear a mask, alcohol gel and stay at home. God bless us all ”, finished Adriana.


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