Powerpuff girls take off in the first photo of the Powerpuff set

Powerpuff girls take off in the first photo of the Powerpuff set
Powerpuff girls take off in the first photo of the Powerpuff set

Live-action from The Powerpuff Girls produced by CW, Powerpuff won his first backstage images. In the photos, Lindinha (Chloe Bennet), Lindinha (Dove Cameron) and Sweetie (Yana Perrault) leave the house where they live with Professor Utônio (Donald Faison), with the leader of the trio flying – check below:

Maggie Kiley, who directs or pilot Powerpuff, also revealed the series logo, printed on a chair – see:

In the new version, the heroines are already young people in their 20s, who feel disappointed to have spent their childhoods fighting crime. But, perhaps, they need to come together now that the world needs them again.

The girls will also have changes in their personalities: before the leader of the group, Florzinha became more anxious and reclusive after being a heroine as a child. In the series, she will walk the path to becoming a leader again – this time on her own terms. Lindinha, on the other hand, who conquered everyone in her childhood with her cuteness, remains that way, but this personality hides an unexpected wit and hardness. In the series, she will be more interested in regaining her fame than saving the world – but she may surprise everyone. And Docinho, who has always been the most rebellious in the group, is more sensitive than the outside suggests and reached adulthood trying to get rid of the identity of the Powerpuff Girl, to live an anonymous life.

The project is Diablo Cody, screenwriter for Juno e Hell Girl, with Heather Regnier, producer of Zombie and the revival of Veronica Mars. Greg Berlanti (do Arrowverse), Sarah Schechter e David Madden they also serve executive production. If the pilot, after being filmed and shown to CW executives, is approved, the broadcaster will order a full season.

There is no preview for the live-action series of The Powerpuff Girls. The original series was created by Craig McCracken, and stayed on the air for six seasons. The plot revolved around three superpowered girls, who were accidentally created by Professor Utônio.

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