Mother’s Love: Desperate for kidnapping her son, Danilo discovers Thelma’s terrible secret and puts the police behind the villain; know details!

Thankfully, love is from a mother, because if she were to depend on her son … It’s over! This Wednesday (7), Brazil was moved by the reunion of Lourdes (Regina Casé) with Domênico, who is now Danilo (Chay Suede). In addition to finding his biological mother, the boy began to discover all the crimes that Thelma (Adriana Esteves) committed to protect his secret. Now, he won’t think twice before helping the police to put the villain behind bars.

As we saw in today’s episode, the merchant was completely out of her mind when she saw her foster son finally discovering his origins in the arms of Lourdes, and ended up having a “disappearance tea”. Thelma will return to make another diabolical plan come true: kidnap Caio, son of Danilo and Camila (Jessica Ellen), and flee abroad with the baby. In fact, the first scenes of the sequence have already been released by the author, Manuela Dias. “She is crazy, but she will not do anything with our son!”, Danilo shouts at his wife in the video. Just spy:

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According to the Notícias da TV website, the cook will immediately seek out inspector Miriam (Ana Flávia Cavalcante) to denounce the foster mother, and will be frustrated to discover that the authorities have no clue as to Thelma’s whereabouts. The police officer will still try to track all possible phones, but the merchant will not show any signs of life.

Behold, Danilo will finally understand his mother’s plan … “I don’t think she’s going to call. My mother didn’t take my son to ask for ransom, she took to stay with him ”, he will affirm.

The boy will investigate on his own on Thelma’s personal things and will take another trip… He will find a folder with proof of the sale of the family restaurant to Álvaro (Irandhir Santos). Danilo will realize that the deal was closed a few days before the hit by the car that almost killed Camila, and he will remember: “That’s why she [Thelma] You defended that driver on the street so much when you recognized him. I can not believe this. My mother who ordered you to be killed ”, will conclude for the teacher. WL!

The soap opera “Amor de Mãe” comes to an end this Friday (9).

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