Pocah says Gil has a habit of reliving past events

Arthur and Pocah talked during the night in the colorful room at “BBB 21” (TV Globo). In the chat, Arthur mentioned the game of discord and complained about the fact that some participants recall events from the beginning of reality during the dynamics and in discussions. Pocah, then, pointed out Gilberto as one of the brothers who act in this way.

“Gil has a habit of keeping things afloat,” said the singer, who then cited the “ear tug” that she took from Tiago Leifert for citing a discussion that involved Lumena, fifth eliminated from the edition. “It wasn’t me who started it, no. Who brought this story about Juliette assuming he did it on purpose was Gil. Gil who revived this out of my jealousy and Juliette’s,” he said.

Pocah also said that Gil has been “reliving” another situation between the singer and Juliette and that he does not remember the episode described by the Pernambuco native.

“I remember her telling a story that everyone laughed at what she said, I laughed. And he’s saying that I said that the story was a lie, that she told me to appear. The story was really kinda weird, but it can be true and if it is, I apologized to her. […] If I said, I’m wrong, I just don’t remember, “said the sister.” He does these things. Then he relived that thing from you now, something from the second week. Mania. He has this habit of reliving things “, concluded the sister.

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After Rodolffo’s elimination, who deserves to win the program?

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