BBB 21: Wouldn’t it be a case of expelling Rodolffo instead of eliminating it? – 06/04/2021

In any self-respecting corporate environment, prejudiced attitudes are severely punished. For what reason are Rodolffo’s speeches at BBB 21 transformed into debate, as if there were any nuances, instead of expulsion?

Obviously, the mobilization of Internet users around the subject helps a lot in engagement. The wall vote that involves the backcountry, his friend Caio and his opponent Gil must be breaking records of the season.

But do you need to leave the decision to the public? I have the impression that what is said remains unsaid, as if the definition of what an aggression is is in the hands of the public.

Fulfilling the social function of elucidating relevant issues in a country so lacking in education, it should be up to Globo to remove Rodolffo from the program and apologize to João, Camilla and everyone who was offended by the content presented in the program.

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