BBB 21 poll: O POVO partial continues pointing Rodolffo’s departure | BBB

BBB 21 poll: O POVO partial continues pointing Rodolffo’s departure | BBB
BBB 21 poll: O POVO partial continues pointing Rodolffo’s departure | BBB

Rodolffo Matthaus is a singer and is part of the cast of the 21st edition of Big Brother Brasil. (Photo: Playback / Instagram @irodolffo)

The partial of this Tuesday, 6, of the poll prepared by the THE PEOPLE for the next wall of BBB21, points out that Rodolffo must be chosen to leave the program with 49% of the votes. The singer received four votes from the house and ended up drawing with Juliette. The leader Viih Tube saved the lawyer from the hot seat by choosing Rodolffo, who was unable to save himself in the Bate e Volta race. On the wall with him are farmer Caio (38%) and economist Gilberto (13%).

Remember that the vote is to eliminate, that is, Rodolffo may be the next to leave and not compete for the R $ 1.5 million prize. The elimination takes place today, 6, from 10:30 pm on TV Globo and the Globoplay streaming service. The vote also continues until Tuesday night.

Check out summary of the week and expectations of the elimination of the wall at BBB21

THE PEOPLE performs live, at 6 pm, on Tuesday, 6, to comment on the events of the week and expectations for the result of the wall at BBB21. Check out:

See who has left the BBB21 reality show:

First Wall: Kerline (83.5%)

Second Paredão: Arcrebiano (64.89%)

Third Wall: Nego Di (98.76%)

Fourth Wall: Karol Conká (99.17%)

Fifth Wall: Lumena (61.31%)

Sixth Wall (false): Carla Diaz (62.4%)

Seventh Paredão: Projota (91.89%)

Eighth Wall: Carla Diaz (44.96%)

Ninth Wall: Sarah Andrade (76.76%)

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BBB21: Gilberto, Rodolffo and Caio are on the wall. Choose who should leave

Understand the formation of the tenth wall

The formation of the ninth wall began with the choice of immunity from the angel Gilberto and Fiuk, who decided to immunize Professor João. Then, he was appointed by the week’s leader, Viih Tube. In its first leadership, the digital influencer chose to send Gilberto straight to the wall.

This week, the dynamics for the formation of the wall had two stages of voting, the first occurred in the traditional way, with a secret vote in the confessional. Regarding the most voted participant, Juliette and Rodolffo tied with four votes, in the minerva vote, Viih Tube saved Juliette. By the rules of the week’s vote, Rodolffo was placed on the wall and had to start the second round of voting.

The second moment of voting was open voting, in the living room of the house. In this dynamic, the most voted person was in the tie between Caio and Juliette and once again, Juliette was saved by the minerva vote of the leader. Thus, Caio had the right to counterattack and chose to pull Juliette. So, with the exception of the leader Viih Tube, Juliette, Rodolffo and Caio went to compete in the match.

In the dispute promoted by Niely dyes from Cor & Ton, the luck of the participants was put to the test in three phases in which the participants had to find the correct items in each stage. Juliette got the better of it and escaped the hot seat. Thus, the tenth wall was formed between Gilberto, Caio and Rodolffo

Check the votes of each of the participants in the confessional

Caio voted for Juliette
Pocah voted for Juliette
Fiuk voted for Arthur

Arthur voted for Juliette
Rodolffo voted Juliette
Juliette voted for Rodolffo

Thaís voted for Caio
João voted for Rodolffo
Camilla voted for Rodolffo

Gilberto voted for Rodolffo

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