Gal Gadot and Jeremy Irons had problems with Joss Whedon in DC

Gal Gadot and Jeremy Irons had problems with Joss Whedon in DC
Gal Gadot and Jeremy Irons had problems with Joss Whedon in DC

New information on the abusive behavior of Joss Whedon behind the scenes of Justice League were revealed in an article by THR focused in Ray Fisher. In addition to the already public complaints from the Cyborg interpreter, the tense situation on the set of the feature also included fights with Jeremy Irons e Gal Gadot. While the conflict with Irons has not been detailed, an anonymous source of THR explained that the actress of Wonder Woman and the director of the heroine’s solo film, Patty Jenkins, called a meeting with the board of Warner Bros to express concerns about the direction of Whedon’s production.

The reasons behind the fight involve lines that Gadot did not agree with, and a feeling that the character portrayed in Justice League contrasted with Wonder Woman from the solo films. According to a production eyewitness, Whedon has spoken backstage about being tired of dealing with Gadot. “He said he was the screenwriter and that she would shut up and speak the lines, because he could make her look incredibly stupid in the movie.”

Asked about the events, Gadot said only that “his problems with Whedon and Warner Bros were resolved in a timely manner.”

The article THR focuses on the full story of the allegations against Joss Whedon, initiated by Ray Fisher. The actor says he knows that he will not be able to work in peace after the denunciations made against the studio, but that he was willing to expose himself. “If I can’t hold them accountable, at least let people know who they’re dealing with “, he concluded.

Understand the case

In July 2020, Ray Fisher accused Joss Whedon of being abusive no set of Justice League, saying that he was supported in such acts by Geoff Johns e Jon Berg. A few weeks later, the actor said he was collecting information against the director, who has received several charges recently, including of Buffy actresses, O Firefly screenwriter and of Buffy and Angel series teams.

In the midst of all this, Fisher also began to speak out against Warner, saying that the president of DC Films Walter Hamada asked him to “take it easy” with Geoff Johns on his complaints. An internal investigation was opened to investigate the actor’s accusations, and in December, WarnerMedia said it had completed the process and that “corrective actions” would be taken, without disclosing further details.

In any case, the question arose about Ray Fisher’s return to the role of Cyborg in theaters. The actor is in the version of Zack Snyder from Justice League, but has already confirmed that will not appear in the Flash solo movie, as expected.

Whedon took over the filming of Justice League after Snyder left the board due to family problems. The negative reaction around the film prompted requests for the original version of the film, since a lot of material planned by the director did not make it into the final version. After a long time, Warner confirmed the launch of the Snyder Cut, which is now available for digital rental in Brazil.

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