Cleo detonates Arthur for fight with Fiuk and exalts Juliette

Cleo spoke about yesterday’s “BBB 21” discord game (TV Globo) last night, in which his brother, Fiuk, and Arthur exchanged offenses and almost went on to attack, but were separated by João Luiz and Caio. She and Tainá Galvão, who is also the singer’s sister, were outraged by what happened at the house.

“I am recovering myself. On the next wall, I think Arthur should go out. Because I think it is very toxic and dangerous for someone like that to stay inside. Let him say the things he said, who acts the way he does, calling others cuzã *, boring *, bost * for nothing. Because everyone who watched and who is not a nail or a bag knows that Arthur’s problem is my brother’s repression “, he said in the Instagram stories.

“Because what he always wanted with this game was the experience of learning, growing, making mistakes, exposing himself and I think that, for me, he already won this program”, she explained, who also praised Juliette for giving moral lesson in capixaba:

“Thank you, Juliette, for existing and speaking the things you said beautifully. Juliette, for me, is one of the greatest players, who sees everything that is really happening, that plays with her heart, plays openly. Wrong because it is a human being and that’s fine “.

Tainá Galvão, who is also Fiuk’s sister, shared the same feeling as Cleo:

“Shocked! What an absurd attitude. It is not possible for anyone to agree with this type of posture. Nothing justifies. Everyone makes a mistake. And everyone deserves a chance. But there is a limit to the chance? And Filipe gave a thousand! From the beginning! It’s a hate for free! And in my opinion, the result of envy and not knowing how to deal with it. Everyone is there to learn and grow! And this is a game! It’s called Big Brother. The dynamics are purposeful to cause disagreements among the participants, because that’s the goal. But there’s something that goes beyond the point! (And the program doesn’t comment on the spot ?! If you don’t repudiate that kind of attitude, feed it!) Listen, think, talk, but attack? alive? “wrote the singer, who continued:

“Sorry people, horrible! Sad! And Juliette was very sensible in the speech that followed. (I don’t know what’s going on with people. I swear. I’m here, speaking, because I’m indignant with this attitude towards my brother, but also in relation to people. If you come here to do hate speech, please pray! Because you need a lot of light! No one can take any more hate speech!). The most delicate moment that we have all lived as a nation, as brothers, as And all this hatred? When else should we have respect, love, unity? My God! More love, more compassion, more empathy! For the love of people! ”

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